How The Language Can Be Formed?

There are more than 7000 languages in this world. First is the most used languages is Mandarin language, the next is Spain Language, and the third is English Language.

But, what is the origin of the language and why language can be varied, why the name of meatball is “bakso” ?, Why the name of apple is “apel” ?, And why everything in this world according to their names ?. Based of Noam Chomsky, Language appear in 60.000 – 100.000 years ago on Africa, and before that we as a human only able to communicate as we can, by speak and gesture. Than our brain has evolved and by the time we can understand on complicate thing, and we have started to give name to something. So after that, we start to think something on one construction, for example “apple” and “tree” and the we’ve combined it to be a construction is “apple tree”, and that words begin to a structure than be a n origin of the language.

Than our curiosity had been started on Egyptian era, started by the king of ancient Egypt, Psammetichus, how dare he had instructed imprisoning two babies in different cages. After 2 years they had started to speak on same word is “Bekos” from Phyrgian language, that the meaning is “Bread”. So, the result of that experiment, they conclude that the mother of language is “Phyrgian” because can be spelled by a baby without have to teach it.

So, why the language can be varied? Because of culture isolation, in sum, our ancestor immigrated to around the world to find the source of food. Than our ancestor dissevered each other than made a new language that be adapted on nature condition, food, and creature that live around them. This isolation that cause why every place have a different language. Especially in Indonesian geography has many islands, made human that live Indonesia progressively isolated that because we have a unique language.

And then, if our ancestor meet to another ancestor, their language blends on the technical language is “Super Language”. That’s why long distance factor can be influence that language, for example like as neighboring countries have similar word because they adapted each other. Different like Spain language and mandarin language which are not similar at all. And finally we know why the language can be formed and can be varied, even though the origin of language it’s still being debated and studied. So you must learn more about language because language science is a difficult language too.

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