Istilah-Istilah Pada Bulan Ramadan Dalam Bahasa Inggris


Ada beberapa istilah yang sering kita jumpai khusus di bulan Ramadan atau bulan puasa, seperti sahur, imsak, ngabuburit, dan lain sebagainya. Artikel ini menyajikan istilah-istilah yang sering ada dalam bulan Ramadan dalam bahasa Inggris.

Sebelumnya, kita harus tahu apa itu Ramadan sendiri. Kata Ramadan berasal dari akar kata bahasa Arab yaitu ‘ramiḍa’ atau ‘ar-ramaḍ”, yang berarti panas yang menghanguskan atau kekeringan. Di bahasa Indonesia sendiri banyak yang salah menuliskan kata Ramadan menjadi Ramadhan dengan penambahan ‘h’ di tengah. Ramadan dalam kbbi memiliki arti bulan ke-9 tahun Hijriah (29 atau 30 hari), pada bulan ini orang Islam diwajibkan berpuasa.

Setelah tahu arti Ramadan itu sendiri apa, berikut istilah-istilah yang sering kita temui di bulan Ramadan atau bulan puasa dalam bahasa Inggris.

1. Puasa = fast (verb)/ fasting (noun)

a. Muslims fast during Ramadan.

[Umat muslim puasa selama Ramadan.]

b. Fasting during Ramadan.

[Puasa selama Ramadan.]

2. Buka puasa = break your fast atau fast breaking

a. We should first break your fast with something sweet.

[Pertama-tama kita harus buka puasa dengan yang manis.]

3. Sahur = pre-dawn meal/ suhoor, sahur, atau sehri

a. The benefits of predawn meal.

[Manfaat sahur]

4. Ngabuburit = killing time before magrib/ passing time before magrib

a. We usually kill time before magrib in mosque.

[Kita biasa ngabuburit di masjid.]

5. Bayar puasa/ mengqadha hutang puasa = make up the fast

a. If a woman do not fast because they have an excuse, then they have to make up the missed fasts.

[Jika seorang wanita tidak berpuasa karena mereka punya alasan, maka mereka harus menqadha puasa-puasa yang terlewatkan.]

6. Subuh = dawn prayer

7. Magrib = dusk prayer/ Maghreb

8. Mudik/ pulang kampung = lebaran homecoming

a. Homecoming is a tradition in visiting one’s family during Idul Fitri in Indonesia.

[Mudik adalah tradisi mengunjungi keluarga saat Idul Fitri di Indonesia. ]

9. THR – tunjangan hari raya = lebaran bonus

a. In Indonesia Idul Fitri has a legally mandated salary bonus for all employees.

[Di Indonesia Idul Fitri ada THR yang dimandatkan secara hukum untuk semua karyawan.]

10. Ziarah makam = visiting graves

a. Visiting graves during Ramadan becomes tradition in Indonesia.

[Ziarah makam selama Ramadan menjadi tradisi di Indonesia.]

11. Halal bihalal = forgiving each other

12. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin = Forgive me for any mistakes I have made against you. atau Forgive me from the bottom of my heart for my wrongdoings.

Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa 😀

source : https://belajarbahasa.id/artikel/dokumen/369-istilah-istilah-pada-bulan-ramadan-dalam-bahasa-inggris-2017-06-02-04-43

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How The Language Can Be Formed?

There are more than 7000 languages in this world. First is the most used languages is Mandarin language, the next is Spain Language, and the third is English Language.

But, what is the origin of the language and why language can be varied, why the name of meatball is “bakso” ?, Why the name of apple is “apel” ?, And why everything in this world according to their names ?. Based of Noam Chomsky, Language appear in 60.000 – 100.000 years ago on Africa, and before that we as a human only able to communicate as we can, by speak and gesture. Than our brain has evolved and by the time we can understand on complicate thing, and we have started to give name to something. So after that, we start to think something on one construction, for example “apple” and “tree” and the we’ve combined it to be a construction is “apple tree”, and that words begin to a structure than be a n origin of the language.

Than our curiosity had been started on Egyptian era, started by the king of ancient Egypt, Psammetichus, how dare he had instructed imprisoning two babies in different cages. After 2 years they had started to speak on same word is “Bekos” from Phyrgian language, that the meaning is “Bread”. So, the result of that experiment, they conclude that the mother of language is “Phyrgian” because can be spelled by a baby without have to teach it.

So, why the language can be varied? Because of culture isolation, in sum, our ancestor immigrated to around the world to find the source of food. Than our ancestor dissevered each other than made a new language that be adapted on nature condition, food, and creature that live around them. This isolation that cause why every place have a different language. Especially in Indonesian geography has many islands, made human that live Indonesia progressively isolated that because we have a unique language.

And then, if our ancestor meet to another ancestor, their language blends on the technical language is “Super Language”. That’s why long distance factor can be influence that language, for example like as neighboring countries have similar word because they adapted each other. Different like Spain language and mandarin language which are not similar at all. And finally we know why the language can be formed and can be varied, even though the origin of language it’s still being debated and studied. So you must learn more about language because language science is a difficult language too.


LOVE is …

LOVE RAIN was the team that we took for our EO (Event Organizer) On 3rd march 2016.. Why did we choose it? As we know Studying in Alfalfa is an exciting journey in our life. Some students got many experiences when they were studying. Some of them met someone who did not know before, everyday they did homework together, making chat, study together, so day by day it could be habit until the holiday fling came. They didn’t imagine and think before about this event but holiday fling just a moment, usually after farewell party they leave pare and they will leave their love also. OooOoohhhhh it’s happen to me.
So, guys….!! We brought it because we wanted you to know what love is.
Love is universal, love means affection, compassion, care, mercy, and all good things we do. Sometimes we get problem to know what love is. Love the people, parents, brothers, are different with love to darling, husband and wife. Love to parents, friends and brother doesn’t has a romantic involve mean while, love to wife, husband or darling is not expressed by making the action that breaks religion teachings or social norms. If couple break those things, they don’t love each other but their just express their desire.” For those who have darling, please remember your religion teaching and social norms because you are educated people.”

Ari Puji Lestari (from Purworejo)
Haiii.. The kings and Queens of Alfalfa. Studying here is amazing for me especially when i joined Public Speaking Show and was a captain in camp 3 That was an unforgettable moment and new experiences for me. Thank for Alfalfa and all of my Angles friend.

Tiara Rahmadani (from Banten)
We held our Event Organizer LOVE RAIN in Public Speaking Show. I was a MC (master of ceremony) and wore blue shirt, little bit heard to stand in front of Alfalfa members because it first for me. Being MC wasn’t easy i should improve myself when i invited all audiences to involve themselves in our event. And when Mr. Ali was a judge, He asked me what the meaning of love rain is. guys, do you know what happen? I couldn’t explain to him more. It was embarrassing. But present, i have to study and prepare myself before joining the show. It taught many things. In Alfalfa i saw many togetherness and love because we understood one another even it forced us. I love you Alfalfa and all my friends.

Fajriyah humairah (from Jakarta)
Love is when we can make our parents wants come true. i am able to make all people to love me because love is not telling about money but memory. Saying and staying in Alfalfa is difficult to forget. I learn about many things, not only studying English but also learning to be a good people in managing myself, my time, good attitude also. i studied how to face my true life what i haven’t got before, it is about togetherness. As introvert person it is hard for me but here i knew how to start, so it is love. Thanks Alfalfa.

Ms. Okta camp 2
Love.. love is just for our Allah, our friends, and our couple in future or husband to be, if love for girl friend or boy friend that is wrong. if you ask me what is the meaning of love?. my answer is i am so confused, i can’t explain clearly what the true meaning of love is. As i knew love is for someone who has get married and love each other, although their love do not exceed to their parents love and vice versa. Because me, myself is not married yet. I give my love to my parents. Actually, when we fall in love to someone we will get many bad effects, we always remember him/her, not focus on our lesson and target but when we study hard (most important), we shouldn’t steady (focus). My suggestion for lovers if you want to study hard and get your love. You have to manage your time with a good schedule