2. alfalfaku



1.      You must believe in this English coach and have strong commitment for your future.

2.     You must be eager to share your spirit and show that you are really serious to go through your days with English environment

3.     You must practice. English is the daily conversation here, it’s a must because there is no short cut and alfalfa is not a magician

4.     You must be on time every time we have class, and no late comers.

5.     You must have willingness to change to be better

6.     You must have good team work to keep cleanliness

7.     You must be ready with pleasure to get all responsibilities based on the Time Table.

8.     You must share your time at least  90 minutes at night, Being absent is allowed with a permit.

9.     You must be sociable and not in door person.

10.                        You must follow all the regulations and no excuses.



1.     Don’t speak in Bahasa during the day time or you will get Rp. 2000 and the warning letter.

2.     Don’t littering

3.     Don’t waste the electricity; always be aware to use it as a function.

4.     Don’t invite any men or women to spend the night without any permit.

5.     Don’t go out at night without any permit up to 10pm for the girl

6.     Don’t make any noise at night, be tolerable for the neighborhood.

7.     Don’t be introvert person

8.     Don’t be down easily, always speak up for any problems related to English

9.     Don’t be stingy to share about the knowledge, always hand in hand.

10.                        Don’t give up before the goal achieved



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