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My mama was a teacher, a primary teacher.  I used to see her wake up early in the morning, busy in the kitchen, prepare for the meal, cleaning and laundry, set the house and everything is ready by 7. What a great mom… !

In the middle of the day, I saw her coming home with a bunch of book on her hand. With the sweat all over the face, yet still I saw her smiling asking my homework. What a sweet mom…!

At night later, she looked really tired, but still awake late, staring at very tiny and messy handwriting belong her lovely students for their assignment. What a dedicated teacher…!

On a weekend ( this is the crucial part of the story), on the first Sunday of the month, she usually would like to invite me to go to the market, to buy the weekly groceries. But the fact was… she never let me buy the toys  I want, or the things I like. She said that the money was only enough for living. She said that her salary is just from hand to mouth. What a poor mom….!

 And since that day.. I promised myself never become a teacher like her. Because simply I thought that being teacher would not make me rich. And I want to be rich, so I can get whatever I want in life, especially if I go to market, I could buy the toys I want. See, I’m rich, I could travel to a place I like. I could have more friends, and invite them coming to play to my house, because my house is very big with a beautiful swimming pool and nice garden in it, what a lovely!!

When we were child, we have been experienced many stories, we grew imagination, we set our dream, we built an expectation. That was fine.. that was supposed to do. But when the thing didn’t come alright in the future life, it doesn’t mean end of the world. Our certain circumstance does not have to be our future reality.

As a matter of fact, the things that I didn’t like has turned to be the thing that inspired me. It has been 11 years, I deal with the students, and books, and marker, and white board. And I found my passion here, my excitement. Because I enjoy what I do, and I just do what I enjoy. Thanks mama.. for the soul of dedication. Now, I noticed how rich I’m, with the knowledge’s, with the inspirations, with the friends, with the determinations.   And mama, now you are getting much older, I saw the wrinkle on your cheek, but I still feel the fire on your eyes. It burns me, to be like the next you..

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