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“Get the president down!”, “Burn the the policy!”,“Save the society!’’

The crowd was so noisy, everybody was in high tempered. They shouted very loud. By and large they were young and well educated youth. They were angry even furious for the new policy the goverment planned “Jack up BBM price”. That the news today. ( uhfff, again and again). I turned the TV off, and no need to give any comments. Because I know that is easier said than done.  I have more important thing to do. That was not my part. I have my own, to share and serve.

So I came to the room and lay down, my mind was back a year ago when a good friend of mine offered me to join the outbond. I decided to play Rock and Roll……, standing on the thin rope and only holding a piece of another rope, step by step moving ahead to reach the edge. What a hard thing to do, with my weight which is more than enough ( I mean a bit bigger). The rope kept moving and I could not balance it. I saw many people down there shouting and giving confusing instruction, and it really drove me crazy. At last I decided not to continue the game, my leg hurt, but my heart even more… such a coward, a nasty chicken, I couldn’t finish my game. But well, I learned that it’s easier said than done.

Since then I try to behave for every single thing I said, I learned how to control my comment, had better to keep it zip for unnecessary statement. Because it’s easier said than done. There must have some reason why the children cry, why the young are addicted to the drug, why the couple of husband and wife having quarrel,and also why the government planned to jack up the price of fuel.

“I’m not anti person, so I will not shout anti drug, but I will pro teenage aproachment, I will not scream anti war, but I will pro peace. ( moher Theresa)”.

Stay calm, be relax, and talk nicely, let’s focus on the solution. Mind your words and be good to other, Stop having unnecessary comment and may GOD bless us.

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