mengukir prestasi
mengukir prestasi

B I G, What do you have in your mind when you hear this word? Please don’t look at me…. Most of us think negatively, it goes to physical appearance. Because BIG means FAT, and fat is bad, because FAT means oversize, and no one loves to be oversize, moreover woman, being fat is so scary and it can be a disaster. Why don’t people think more positively about the word BIG, however BIG means a size. And size is an achievement. We love achievement, for academic  or career. And BIG means achievement too, that is for eating competition. Isn’t it fair? B I G also means power,

Again, it’s B I G. and B I G is me, beautiful, interesting and gorgeous. Because everything starts from your mind. Your thought becomes thing. Beauty is as a beauty does. Nobody wants to say you are beautiful but you…!!! ‘’I’m beautiful, no matter what they say, world can’t bring me down, oh ye ye yeee…” Christina Aguilera said.

Does AGE matter? Say, how old are you now? What? Same as me? Well, on a paper, obviously I’m thirties. But  who cares about the number?,  number means look, and look means nothing, because the most important thing is what you feel. You may look at me a woman in my thirties, but  I feel like 17 years old teenager.  And teenagers energyc, and dynamic. Imagine, when you feel old, you will be easily sick, backache, toothache, and  headache.  So again, don’t you think what you are, but you are what you think.

Technology today can answer what people want. And so to make it perfect appearance. What do you want?? Make it whiter your skin, or even make it blacker? Plastic surgeon? Make sharper nose and sexier lips. Technology today plays magic. It’s all about how much money you have???? And Tong Fang clinic is available for 24/7. but what money can buy, it can pay the facial treatment and spa, but not the beauty itself. Because the beauty comes from inside here. The way you smile, to behave socially and care for others, and the positive attitude. Man is looking for attractive woman, not beautiful one. Because attractive woman, must be beautiful. But beautiful woman, they are too busy with their manicures and pedicures.

Me is me, I’m B I G, beautiful, interesting and gorgeous. What about you?

hasil jepretan kamera Jun
hasil jepretan kamera Jun

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